Waulagala hiking and camping

Waulagala hiking and Camping

Waulagala is the one of secretase mountain in Sri lanka. Its situated yatiyanthota in sabaragamuwa province of Sri lanka. We can see around waterfalls, river and mountains inWaulagala. This camping and hiking will take you to the hidden village of Sri Lanka and offering you the real simple life of Sri Lanka Experience. Duration of this trip is two days and one night, in the first day we spent 6-8 hours for walking thru the Tropical Plantation such as coffee, cocoa, clove, Tea, Vegetable and some small plants that can be picked up on the way and we would cook after arriving in camping location at Waulagala ( Where we will spend our night). Throughout our journey of Dambepola until Waulagala mount we see many farmers who are conducting their activities – in their garden. This trip is not to hard however you have to make sure your health as well.


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