Upper Diyaluma Waterfall Trekking

Upper diyaluma waterfall trekking

Upper diyaluma waterfall (“Udu diyaluma” in sinhala) one of the most beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka. The waterfall  one of  highest waterfall situated in Uva province. Its one of Sri Lankan highest waterfall. Upper diyaluma waterfall is the best destination among the most Local and tourists. We happy to say you can join best and friendly guides to explore scenic and stunning waterfall trekking. Waterfall trekking is one of the tour packages that we offer to you to gain experience on the most beautiful waterfall. The places of these waterfalls have a height of approximately 100 meters. This waterfall is very clear and cool. Therefore, people are very comfortable to bathe here. The natural beauty is so green, quiet and natural.

This Upper diyaluma waterfall trekking has the route journey towards , starting from Upper diyaluma village then walked down about 40 minutes to find a very beautiful view, that is , shady trees around the waterfall that can make the atmosphere to be even more cool and beautiful. but on this trip we will see a few challenge because there are some of stairs. However, although there is little challenge, everything will be all paid off by the natural beauty of this waterfall. In this journey, it is found water coming from various points. It will make people more curious to got to the point at the waterfalls. After arriving at the waterfall you will get a Snak with local drinks that is provided by the guides.

waterfall trekking is a fantastic adventure, because in addition to beautiful scenery, we can bathe here. Then after that, and we can enjoy the natural beauty. This is very unique experience that not everywhere you can get. You have do the hike to that particular destination.


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