Uthuwankanda Village Tour

The man who called Sri Lankan Robin Hood was lived in Uthuwankanada. Culture and Nature village in close to central in Sri Lanka with Beautiful Landscape with Hectares of Rice farming on the slope of the hill, and Experiencing the real Daily life of Sri Lankan, and keep in touch with Local People from Uthuwankanda Village.
Uthuwankanda the man was lived Sri Lankan Robin Hood (Mr.Saradiyal) Hidden Paradise Village Tours is the best chose for you who would like to experiencing The Daily Life of Sri Lanka, and Keep in touch with Local People, especially Local Village in Uthuwankanda.
Below are the Cost and the general itinerary for Saradiyal village, we are guarantee you will get more than what you have paid for this Experience, Not a lot people know about this Village, therefore we call Saradiyala Village is a Hidden Paradise Village in Uthuwankanda.


Per Person