Birds wathcing Bundala.

Bundala is a birding tour destinations, Sri Lanka consistently ranks as one of the most exotic and fascinating.The geological evolution of the Sri Lanka continent has shaped the extraordinary variety of birds, estimated at 100 species of water birds, half of them being migrant birds. Of 197 avifaunal species 58 are migratory species. In fact, it has recently been determined that no other continent has contributed so greatly to the evolution of birds, with the majority of the world’s species having Sri Lanka ancestry. Birdwatchers across the world are continually captivated by the sights, stories and sounds of Sri Lanka species along with the opportunity to photograph them in their natural habitats. There is no doubt that Lankan is one of the iconic destinations when it comes to bird watching experiences.
Sri Lanka is the birthplace of glorious songbirds and alluring parrots, with the evolutionary process contributing to the development of birds that are generally more intelligent, aggressive, loud, melodious and socially cooperative. It is also home to a range of bird families unique to the Sri Lankan
With so many species spread across stunning and diverse habitats including tropical rainforests, coral reefs, coastal heaths, wetlands and swamps, grasslands, sandy and stony deserts and Eucalypt woodlands, it is little wonder why Sri Lanka is recognized across the globe as a bird watchers paradise.
Wondering where the best places across Sri Lanka are to watch birds? Below you will see a list of bird watching tours in Sri Lanka listed by season, that are part of the Sri Lanka Wildlife Journeys group. Our range of experienced guides accommodate many of the most popular Sri Lanka birdwatching regions and wildlife sites throughout the country.
We invite you to bring your camera and binoculars, so we can share our knowledge and passion with you on these birding tours of Sri Lanka, which also feature beautifully appointed accommodation options, outstanding culinary offerings and fabulous hospitality.


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