Birds wathcing Bundala.

Birds watching in Sri Lanka one of the most suitable place for Bundala National Park. One of the most instantly recognizable park in the sri lanka. Its located close to Yala national park in the down south. Bundala is located right on the migratory flight path of many species of birds. National Park you can see at least 58 migration species. There are also many endemic subspecies, and sri lanka endemics. It is easy to travel around Bundala national park, its mean you can explore great number of bird species in our tour.

One of the endemic species you can hope to observe on this tour. The other sub species endemic to the island are the birds, and you’ll witness many other endemics, too.

This tailor made tour can be customised to suit your interests, budget and preferred dates, with a choice of activities making it as active or relaxing as you wish. We always factor in time to appreciate the island’s gorgeous scenery, and as you are not traveling in a group, you can always take time out to take photographs, read or sunbathe.

This green trails bird watching tour on the Bundala National park. We’ve selected it as it is friendly and peaceful, but  we can recommend to suit budget for your tour. To extend your bundala birding experience, we can also recommend an extension to this vacation in yala – another regional hotspot.


Per Person