Village Tour Packages

Where you are in Sri Lanka, taking a village tour you will witness traditional life in Sri Lankan intact. It is a fascinating opportunity to discover different people life style that seems in time. Guests can learn a lot about farming from the people in the village; about the time and season of cultivation and time for harvesting. What amazes visitors is how they seem so difficulties of life but there happiness. This is true for most village people in Sri Lankan and that amazes the visitors. homestays are giving visitors an opportunity to experience life in a village. Stay with a family in a remote village, spend the time, eating with them and learn some things about Sri Lankan life style. Join with us.

Uthuwankanda Village Tour

The man who called Sri Lankan Robin Hood was lived in Uthuwankanada. Culture and Nature..


Sigiriya Village Tour

This full-day private tour will have you living like a Sigiri local for a day…